About Dominion Life Chapel.

The mandate of dominion life ministry was bestowed by God to his servant Pastor Gabriel Ndung’u while he was in a long prayer and fasting season in August 2013. When he was in Johannesburg, South Africa as a missionary and a

It was clear in a vision that a time has come to teach the church on dominion and believers taking their position in Christ Jesus so to reign in every aspect of life. End of 2015 God sent his servant back to the country of Kenya and by February 2015 the vision was actualized by a house fellowship dubbed ‘School of  Prayer’ in Ruaka that started with three people.

The highest level of dominion is only attainable in the context of continued prayer and the revealed identity through God’s word. We currently run school of prayer every Thursday from 6.00pm in Ruaka as well as a monthly meeting
(Empowerment Conference) at Sahara West Park Hotel.


To rise a generation of kingdom role models who will transform the world to its original purpose in the spirit of excellence.


To teach, impact and transform people with God’s principles through the word of God and prayer so as to dominate.


A. To teach people about prayer and making it a lifestyle.

B. To impact people so as to reign in their area of calling; Be it financially, economically and socially.

C. To raise kingdom role models who will transform the world to God’s original purpose